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 Euh. New player in guild Im back (Carus)

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PostSubject: Euh. New player in guild Im back (Carus)   Tue Jun 09, 2009 10:23 pm

I all, in game im called Carus lvl 58 Berseker irl(in real life) im called Arnaud. Im complicated, always study for exam. Wanna be in the police my life is like a library . I have section for all part of my life, amusement, school, training,brother and Reaquiem =P Iv stop play requiem ending of the 2008 summer and re-start now begening summer 2009 im 17 years old ill work this summer ( Cant play all days) but I jope we will enjoy to play with me.


(omg this is so a emo letters god damnit, does Oprah write this shxt)
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Euh. New player in guild Im back (Carus)
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